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The Battle for a New Direction: Bellarmine Students Declare their Intention to Run for SGA President

By Harry Boyce

Adriana Eggen, Logan Boyd and Em Brown are the three students running to be the next Student Government Association president.


Adriana Eggen 

Adriana Eggen is a junior healthcare administration student and the current SGA health and accessibility committee chair. She also is an active part of the Phi Mu sorority and the Bellarmine University Dance Marathon, a fundraising organization.


Eggen said she was inspired to run after an event at the start of her freshman year. She said she was talking to the SGA president at the time who had said the position had given her so much. Eggen said she “wants to create the same passion for people” and said she wants to use the role to help people. Eggen said that she loves when other students ask for help and often assists other students with budget questions for their registered student organizations.

Eggen said she wants to prioritize involving student voices. “I have the privilege of having this voice and this account, and I am not the only voice that needs to be heard,” she said.


Logan Boyd

Logan Boyd is a sophomore political science and history major. He served as a freshman representative and participates in KnightsU and Week of Welcome, Bellarmine volunteer organizations designed to help first year students settle into Bellarmine.


Boyd said he wanted to run because he has observed a disdain for the SGA. He said he wishes to focus on accessibility, SGA budgeting, and SGA-funded registered student organizations. As a main point, he said he wants to make the nurse’s office more accessible for students. He said it is almost impossible for students with wheelchairs to access the nurse’s office.


He said he wants to be a “servant of the students,” and said students feel that SGA has lost what its purpose is. Boyd said the president is “like a composer,” and that the SGA assembly members are like musicians. He said he wants to be a leader who will lead the SGA in a united and clear way.


Em Brown

Em Brown is a junior psychology student and the current SGA chief of staff. They are also the treasurer of BU Knighted, Bellarmine’s LGBTQ+ registered student organization, and a Week of Welcome leader.


Brown said they decided to run for president after noticing a disconnection between the SGA and the students. They said SGA has a “niche perspective” on Bellarmine, by being student representatives but also having to communicate with staff. Being chief of staff, they were the communicator between the SGA members, they said. Going forward, Brown said they would like to be the bridge between the students and staff as president.


Brown said they want to be a “non-flashy president,” focusing on more groundwork with students, not just giving speeches and the general duties. They said they want to make Bellarmine better for students.



Learn more about the candidates

When asked why someone should vote for them in one sentence, Eggen said, “I’m here for them, I care about the students, I care about the student experience.”


Boyd said, “It’s one thing to be angry with issues, it’s another thing to love a campus so much that you want to see it change for the better.”


Brown said, “Because I stayed.”


Brown said they were struggling with Bellarmine but after getting the chief of staff position and how much they valued the opportunities, staff and students of Bellarmine, they said staying was the best decision of their life.


The three candidates will take part in a presidential debate on March 25 at 4:30 p.m. in the Fireplace Room of the Centro building, where they will discuss which of them has the best vision for Bellarmine.


Voting for the election opens on at 8 a.m. on March 27 and continues until 5 p.m. on March 28.


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