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Thanksgiving turns into road trips for BU students

Lily Hoffman and her late grandmother, Elizabeth Hoffman, at their last Thanksgiving together. Photo courtesy of Lily Hoffman.

By: Bienja Eastham

The time for students to reunite with their families has arrived, and some have a unique way of celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sophomore Lily Hoffman said she still goes to her grandmother’s house in North Carolina, even though her grandmother, Elizabeth Hoffman, passed away three years ago.

“We are going to Charlotte for a day to visit family, come back and have dinner with everyone, and then we go to her gravesite to take flowers and remember her,” Hoffman said. When her grandmother was alive, they would enjoy some of the same activities with her, such as eating and shopping.

Junior Erin McCabe travels to Houston for Thanksgiving to visit her mom’s side of the family. This year, she made the trip two weeks early and brought a friend because her parents could not come due to work. McCabe has been on trips to Texas without her parents before, but said she wished they could have joined her because she cherishes time with her family.

“My Aunt Halina, who we stayed with, lives in Sugarland, and we spent most of our time with her,” McCabe said. “We went to NASA Space Center on the first day there and the museum of fine arts.”

Although the traditional Thanksgiving meal revolves around turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, many families have created their own unique meals.

“For our Thanksgiving meal, we ended up going out to eat hot pot, and my aunt made stir fry at home,” McCabe said.

Junior Britton Libke said he travels to a different city in Florida every year for Thanksgiving. There are no family ties there, but he said his family enjoys the warm weather and change of atmosphere for a holiday.

“This Thanksgiving, I am headed to Miami, and we usually go out on jet skis and have non-traditional food,” Libke said. “We get food such as street tacos, certain vendors like that, or Cuban food and take walks on the beach at the end of Thanksgiving Day.”


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