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Last day to RSVP for Women of Color Retreat Deadline

By: Kendal Gibbons

The 2024 Women of Color Retreat, hosted by Bellarmine University’s Dr. Patricia Carver Office of Identity and Inclusion, invites participants to embrace empowerment and elegance on March 17 in the Alumni Legacy Room.

Themed "Pretty and Powerful," this year's retreat aims to capture the essence of empowerment and beauty within the women of color community. Anyone interested in attending should reserve their spots by Feb.16.

Camille Baskin, OII graduate assistant and event coordinator, said the event will foster a culture of leadership and empowerment at Bellarmine.“I hope what people gain from this event is that you can stand in your power, you can be beautiful while standing up for yourself,” she said.

Guest speakers, including OII graduate assistant Helen Belcher and fine artist of Creative Healing LLC Victoria Malone, will lead discussions about embracing strength and beauty. Attendees can expect workshops, affirmations, discussions and offerings from local businesses catering to the community's needs. The day will also feature giveaways, food and more.

Bellarmine student Amya Baker said, “I am looking forward to connecting with other women like me and just being able to build friendships.” 

Naimah Slaughter said, “I’m excited about bonding with beautiful women of color like myself, building friendships and having fun.”

For registration and more information, visit or contact


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