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Friday Night Live Pride Bash

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

On Friday, January 29th BUKnighted hosted their end-of-Pride-Month celebration, Pride Bash.

BUKnighted is an RSO (Registered Student Organization) that focuses on supporting and advocating for Bellarmine students who identify as LGBTQ+. BUKnighted partnered with the SAC (Student Activities Center) to host the second annual, Pride Bash, which was a cheerful and energetic night with much to enjoy.

Pride Bash featured a wide variety of activities including a photo booth with props to pose with, a dance floor, a bar offering mixed drinks and beer, and a table filled with food served by the Bellarmine catering staff. Organizers also distributed T-shirts to all students who attended, which displayed BUKnighted, the SAC, and Bellarmine’s involvement in the Pride Bash event.

Pride Bash marks the end of Bellarmine’s Pride Month celebration, in which BUKnighted hosts several events throughout the month to celebrate and promote inclusivity. For that reason, BUKnighted often partners with the OII (Office of Identity and Inclusion). The events they hosted this month varied from movie nights to gay trap yoga. The many events cater to different audiences so that everyone can find Pride Month events that they want to attend.

RSOs have been struggling with involvement across campus due to COVID-19 restrictions, and these affected Pride Month as well. BUKnighted President Jordan Stacy stated, “We had to conduct the first portion of Pride Month events virtually and that made it hard on our numbers.” Pride Bash is meant to be a fun and inclusive place to wrap up the end of Pride Month in person and together, which was not possible earlier in the month, due to COVID-19 restrictions. BUKnighted is doing their best to plan exciting events that will draw the attention of people at home to join in virtually.

With this year being only the second annual Pride Bash, BUKnighted is still working out the kinks. BUKnighted member Grace Michels explained, “Last year, it was very last minute. We made the playlist the night before, ordered food and everything turned out great.” There was a large turnout last year but there was not enough food and space for everyone. This year’s partnership with SAC ensured that BUKnighted could secure a large space (Frazier Hall) and supply enough food and fun for everyone. Pride Bash just keeps getting better!


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