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First-year Students Adjust to College with the Help of WOW

By Alyssa Brock

Many first-year students may struggle to adjust to college, may have different expectations, and may find it hard to get involved in campus activities. Addison Kerr, a first-year student and member of the softball team, said, “I believe I'm adjusting well to college, but being a part of a team makes the transition easier.”

But not every student is a member of a sports team. Some students may find it hard to join a club or get involved on campus. That’s why Week of Welcome is an important foundation for first-year students.

Week of Welcome provides a space for students to complete challenges, to meet new people and to settle in before other students are on campus. Maddy Johnson, a WOW leader, said Week of Welcome places first-year students into groups to learn about Bellarmine’s traditions, review class schedules and have fun.

Kerr and Madison Davis, a first-year exercise science major, said they feel more welcomed at Bellarmine because of WOW. “I had a professor walk up to me and make sure I had everything for Galileo (a learning community for honor students),” said Kerr about an experience she had during Week of Welcome.

Davis said, “I have met a lot of people from different places who play sports that I did not expect to bond with.”

Ellie Jenson, a psychology major, said, “I think there are a lot of expectations with Bellarmine, but I have really enjoyed it here so far, especially with students like Maddy Johnson who want to help and provide leadership with first-year students.”

Johnson said she became a WOW leader to help new students adjust to college. “My goal is to make the transition from high school to college as seamless and enjoyable as possible,” she said.

First-year students dance the night away at Silent Disco during Week of Welcome.


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