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Campus Wellness offers Arts and Crafts afternoons at Hilary’s

By: Diana Nambo

Campus Wellness has created a way to relieve some of that built-up stress that classes, deadlines and finals often bring. Meeting on Mondays every other week in Hilary’s at 4 p.m., Art 6 Ft Apart offers a space for students to come and relax with friends while getting creative with arts and crafts activities.

These events are free and open to all Bellarmine students, and Campus Wellness provides all supplies and snacks.

Starr Amar traces her recent painting.

Art 6 Ft Apart offers everything from painting to drawing to stress balls, with new crafts every other week.

First-year student and attendee Sarah Recktenwald said, “It’s just a time that I know I can forget all about work for an hour and just sit down and do some art.”

While arts and crafts are the focus, junior Abby Nelson said she loves the sense of community the event offers.

“We’re like a family. We just have a great time together,” she said.

Sophomore Starr Amar said she loves that she not only has fun while participating but connects with the BU community and earns money while doing so by working part-time with Campus Wellness.

“It’s a great opportunity on campus to get involved with the community and be able to do fun crafts and get paid for it,” she said.

Art 6 Ft Apart began two years ago as a hobby and stress reliever that students could enjoy while following Covid19 protocol. All activities Campus Wellness leads prioritize mental health and use this as the focus of all activities. The number of attendees varies from week to week and is not tracked.

Hilary’s was originally designated as a meet place because of the large number of student accommodation it provided during the pandemic and continues to be used now despite the new Covid regulations, Campus Wellness leader Shawn Newton said.

For more information, visit the events page on the Engage website.


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