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Bellarmine students manage course loads with workload

Katherine Barr brings her work to school for students to enjoy a special treat.

Photo courtesy of Katherine Barr.

By: Bienja Eastham

Having a part-time job while being a full-time student can be overwhelming because students may have less time to complete assignments and study.

Many Bellarmine students have jobs, whether it’s on or off campus. Working while attending college means students must find a balance between their employment and their education to be successful.

Senior Will Embry works security at a retirement home in four 8-hour shifts each week.

“With classes, it’s kind of hard because I have a ton of work, and it’s hard balancing my social life with the three sports clubs I’m in,” Embry said. “Often times when I have free time at my job, you’ll see me trying to do homework really quick, but it is hard not having the time.”

Although juggling homework and a job is challenging, Embry said, it isn’t impossible.

“For students who are trying to balance the work life with the student life, I’d say try to find a job that will work around your schedule if possible or find a job where you can work on the weekends,” he said.

Junior Abby Schumacher works as a peer tutor on campus and at UofL Hospital as a patient transporter.

“I tutor for anatomy classes and any nursing classes Monday and Wednesday afternoons for about 5 to 10 hours a week in the basement of the library,” Schumacher said. “It’s kind of stressful sometimes because I tutor in between my classes, so I feel like I’m always going from one thing to another, but it’s also helpful to stay up to date on the material and be able to help other students.”

Being a nursing student and balancing that workload with two other jobs is incredibly time-consuming for Schumacher, but she encourages others that it is possible to manage a job and school.

“I definitely encourage people to get jobs part-time because it helps you manage your time better. I find time whenever I can, and I notice when I know I’m working, I plan ahead better and do better in my classes because I’m more on top of it,” she said.

Junior Katherine Barr is an intern for Alani Nutrition and an ambassador for the company.

“I help prepare different reports such as sales forecasts, and I’m in charge of making sure if you order a case of Alani through Walmart, I’m the person that makes sure your order goes through and gets packed through the warehouse and shipped to your door,” Barr said.

Barr takes 19 credit hours this semester and said success is all about balance. “My advice to anyone that wants to have a part time job while being a student is it’s very much possible, but it’s all about finding the balance in your schedule,” she said.


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