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Bellarmine Radio Wants to Give Students Their Next Favorite Songs

By Raegan Franklin

Developing an eclectic taste in music can seem daunting, but it may just be an internet search away.

Bellarmine Radio is a student-led online radio station founded in 2005. The station features a variety of music from playlists crafted to appeal to all listeners.

Bellarmine Radio faculty adviser Dr. Kyle Barnett said Bellarmine Radio’s mission is to “play songs students know and love while also giving them their next favorite songs.”

“College should be transformational. It’s a time to meet new people and hear new things,” he said.

Bellarmine Radio station manager Deb Heil said she enjoys listening to the station in her free time.

“You never know what you’re going to get. It’s a breath of fresh air from commercial radio nowadays,” she said.

The team is working to advance Bellarmine Radio by adding podcasts, live shows, campus cable and the TuneIn app.

Bellarmine Radio DJ Olivia Anderson said students can request songs through direct message on Instagram @buradio_official or Facebook @Bellarmine Radio.

Barnett said while the station is not under the rule of FCC, the student directors determine appropriateness of song suggestions.

Bellarmine Radio is a Registered Student Organization. Students interested in joining Bellarmine Radio can learn more by visiting or emailing

Listen to Bellarmine Radio on or

Bellarmine Radio gathering to celebrate their accomplishments and the holidays. From left are media director Olivia Anderson, station manager Deb Heil, treasurer/ public affairs co- director Bella Hemsath, faculty advisor Dr. Kyle Barnett and Calista Miller.

Dr. Kyle Barnett records as Bellarmine radio members, from left, Deb Heil, Bella Hemsath, Olivia Anderson and Calista Miller produce audio for a future broadcast.




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