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Bellarmine Radio’s Student-Led Station Brings Music to BU

By Lindsay Smith

Bellarmine Radio, an RSO within the Bellarmine department of communication, brings music to the Bellarmine community in ways that let individual creativity shine.

            “At Bellarmine Radio, we play any kind of music that DJs want to play,” station manager said Deb Heil. “The big thing is we want to be a voice for the students.”

            Media Director Olivia Anderson said: “I really like the different tastes here. I think it’s really cool how someone can play K-Pop one minute, and then, we have heavy metal, and then, we have country, and it can all be in the same day.”

Studio Manager Deb Heil, DJ Sam Saraco, Advisor Kyle Barnett, and Media Director Olivia Anderson

            The studio itself has come a long way from its early stages.

            “Student government actually started the radio station, so it was the students who were interested in creating a station, and they went to student government and asked if they could, and they said ‘yes,'” faculty adviser Kyle Barnett said. “The first year or two, the station was in the basement in the Student Activities Center like in the in the closet. It was internet-based and run by the head of the SGA then.”

            At Bellarmine Radio, each DJ is given the opportunity to play any music style or do a show.

            “I personally play 90s to 2010s [alternative] rock and metal, but I also do another show where we talk most of it,” Heil said. “So, at Bellarmine Radio, we really just do whatever the students want to do.”

            The studio has provided a foundation for communication department majors to go on to diverse career fields.

            “We have many, many graduates out of this program go on to work in radio and TV and film and digital media. They’ve gone into music supervision, where they do music licensing and choose music for TV shows and things. We have people doing a lot of tech companies,” Barnett said, “all starting at the radio station.”

            For those considering joining, Heil and Anderson said everyone is welcome.

            Heil said, “It’s kind of a place for students who don’t really belong in other clubs. A lot of times, they’ll come here because it’s kind of a safe space. It’s really just to be the change for the students and experience new experiences and be transformative because that’s what college is supposed to be.”

            “I would totally recommend it, just walk right in. We’re really welcoming, so don’t be afraid,” Anderson said. “We're not going to pressure you even if you're like 'Oh, let me try it' then 'Oh, I hate it!' that's cool, too, at least you tried it, so we're really chill about it.”

            The future of the club is very bright in its members’ eyes.

            “We’ve gone through these couple eras where it’s just a golden age,” Barnett said, “and I think we’re in one of those ages right now.”

            Check out Bellarmine radio using the link below.


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