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Bellarmine film club returns

Can you remember the last time you went out with your friends and saw a movie? What if you and your friends soon will be able to grab some snacks and head to a film screening on campus?

Bellarmine’s film club is returning to campus after five years and will begin playing movies as soon as early March. Lea Clark, a music tech major and film studies minor, is the student working to revive the club.

“I was having a lot of engaging conversations in our film classes,” Clark said, “I kind of just wanted to do that in a more relaxed setting outside the classroom.”

Students do not have to join the club to benefit from its return.

“The film club events will be open to everybody who wants to come,” Clark said. “So even if you're not a film studies minor or you're not in any of the classes, you can still come and enjoy the camaraderie and coming together. It’s just like watching a movie with your friends.”

For a club to get started at Bellarmine University, students must find a faculty adviser who is willing to oversee the club. The new film club faculty adviser is film studies professor Dr. Jennifer Barker.

Barker said a sense of community is one of the most valuable aspects of joining a club and said she once worked with a film club at another school where students formed such a tight-knit community that they funded a trip to London.

“When I had a film club at my former school in east Tennessee, it became a really tight-knit group,” Barker said, “So much so that we talked about like, ‘Can we do something bigger?’ And we ended up going to London and Paris for a class.”

Dr. Kyle Barnett was the faculty adviser for the original film club and said the club ended when its student leaders graduated and were not replaced.

“The film club has come and gone, with greater interest or lesser interest. I think a part of it was the exhaustion of the faculty advisers and another part of it was that a majority of the students most interested in it graduated,” Barnett said. “I love that it is students that are the driving force behind the reconfiguration of the film club, so I am entirely supportive.”

The film club is in the process of becoming a registered student organization. To find out more about the film club, contact Clark at


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