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3 BU seniors have unusual post-graduation plans

By Samuel Hebestreit

To some students, the scariest part about college isn’t getting acclimated to the environment or managing the workload, it’s what they plan to do after graduation.

There are seniors who know exactly what career path they’d like to peruse, others who have an idea, and some who truly don’t know. Yet, opportunities are everywhere.

Daniel Hutchins, a communication major with a double minor in marketing and digital media, said he plans to tag along with his uncle who is moving his family to Belgium.

“He has two younger children, along with his wife. Him and his wife both work, and they will be working overseas, so I thought they’d need a nanny. So, I’m actually going over to be their nanny,” Hutchins said.

Hutchins said he isn’t sure what he’d like to do for a career but this trip came at the perfect time.

“I’m really just hoping to get the full overseas experience. I’ve never been out of the United States of America, so I’m just ready to get culture shocked and to see some new stuff,” Hutchins said.

For senior exercise science major Ally Tripure, graduation will mark the start of a new journey.

On June 10, Tripure will cycle down the Pacific Coast from Seattle to San Diego with a non-profit called “Pedal to the Pacific.”

“Pedal to the Pacific” is a team that consists of 18-to-23-year-old women from across the U.S. with the purpose to combating and bringing awareness to sex trafficking.

“There are 10 women going down the coast with me and will be working together to cycle every day. We’ll be working together to fundraise and to raise awareness with the people that we interact with every day,” Tripure said.

Not only will this opportunity help Tripure grow as a person, she said, but it will also help her gain valuable experience toward her career in exercise science.

“I think that it’s going to create this amazing bond and I’m going to learn so much about teamwork and how to make a difference in the world. I think that it’s going to give me a lot of momentum going into my career and into my other passions that have to do with exercise science,” Tripure said.

Senior Olivia Romero, an English major with a film minor, already has plans for life after graduation. She’s moving to the Republic of Korea (also called South Korea) to teach.

“My best friend and I got the idea that we really like South Korea and that we should go. We were like, we probably shouldn’t go just by ourselves because it’s going to be a lot of money and it is probably not the safest thing. So, we looked into it and then we found the option for studying abroad,” Romero said.

Romero said planning and getting to know the right people can make the process of moving overseas much easier.

“We talked to Dr. [Hoon] Choi and got encouraged by different people, and we figured it out. We went in the summer and just loved it,” Romero said.


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