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Student Discounts: How to Make the Most of Your Money

By: Alex Willis

Do you feel like you are constantly studying and doing homework? Are you a broke college student? As a college student I constantly find myself spending most of my time between going to classes and studying with very little time to dedicate to myself. When I do have free time, I feel so limited due to living on a college budget. I want to still go out to places and enjoy my weekends but it is hard when you’re a broke college student.

But despite all that, being a college student can have its perks. Many stores and companies actually offer student discounts with a flash of your ID card or signing up with a student email. And just like that you have access to deals you may have never been known.

Rachael Kammer, a senior exercise science sport performance major, doesn’t usually think to ask if places honor student discounts. But when she remembers she likes to use it when she goes to Qdoba, Panera and the movies.

“The best deal I have gotten with a student discount is 20% off at the movies and at local places near campus like Papa Johns,” said Kammer.

Personally, I always utilize student discounts when I go to the movies. Usually with the flash of my student ID I can get a few dollars off a regular priced ticket. Xscape Theater off Blankenbaker offers discount tickets all day on Tuesday for only $5.66, as well as offering student discounts.

If you are looking for other fun weekend activities you can spend time downtown at one of the many museums. According to the websites of the local museums such as, the Speed Art Museum, Fraizer Kentucky History Museum and the Muhammad Ali Center, they all offer student discounts.

You can get a few friends together and go play arcade games, ride go karts, play putt putt or bowl at Malibu Jacks. College students get 10% off with a Student ID, according to a spokesperson from Malibu Jacks Louisville.

One of my favorite student discounts is Spotify for students. I recommend it to anyone who streams tv/movies. It only costs $4.99/month and you can stream Spotify Premium and Hulu. Without the discount this can cost more than twice as much. According to Spotify’s website, it costs $9.99/month just for a basic Spotify Premium plan which isn’t bundled with Hulu. A basic Hulu account starts at $5.99/month.

Morgan Seppenfield, a senior exercise science sport performance major, also enjoys streaming music with Spotify. “I originally used Pandora and Google Play, but when I learned Spotify had a more reasonable offer for students I switched,” said Seppenfield. “And now I can listen to the many stations I enjoy at any time.”

There is also a student plan for Apple Music users that costs $4.99/month and it includes AppleTV for free.

Other streaming services such as Amazon Prime and YouTube Premium also offer discounts for students. Most of the streaming services also offer some free trial before you commit to paying per month.

Some people may be ready to take their first step into adulthood by getting their own phone or insurance plan. Luckily, a few phone providers such as AT&T and Verizon offer student plans. And many insurance companies will knock off some bucks when you maintain good grades.

As a college student you can know how expensive it is to buy a new phone or a laptop. Apple and Best Buy both offer student discounts if you are in the market for a new electronic. When I was getting a laptop I was able to save hundreds of dollars off a Macbook Air.

Unidays is another great place to find a lot of different discounts exclusive to students. All you have to do is sign up and confirm your student email and start saving. You will have access to a lot of deals ranging from fashion, beauty, food & drink, health & fitness, lifestyle, technology and sports & media. It will show you how to save at a lot of popular retail stores.

Seppenfield always asks if places offer student discounts. Especially when she is shopping at places closer to campus. Some of her favorite places to get discounts at are “Madewell, Francescas and anywhere in the Outlet Mall,” said Seppenfield.

JCPenney St. Matthews is staying open late and offering great discounts for Bellarmine students and alumni, from interview attire to scrubs, according to the Career Development Center.

Students can get discounts for professional wear up to 60% off. For more information or transportation details visit Handshake and RSVP.

If you’re looking to travel for spring break it might be a good idea to see if an airline has student discounts. Uber also offers promocodes for students.

Studying and working all the time might suck, and it may feel like you can never do anything fun while living on a college budget. Next time you go out, whether it be a restaurant or a store, just ask if they have student discounts. You just might be surprised.

Below you can find an in-depth list of places you can utilize a student discount:

The Ultimate List of Student Discounts and Deals – Winter 2020

Head to Unidays to sign up:


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