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My top 10 can’t miss Netflix shows

By: Logan D Clark

Well, you finally did it. You ran out of Netflix shows to watch. Have no fear, though. I have 10 shows for you to add to your “Can’t-Miss” list. Check out my top 10 shows on Netflix and why you can’t miss them.

1.“Tiger King”

The No. 1 show in the U.S. today on Netflix features zookeeper Joe Exotic and abuse allegations of his abuse of wild animals by big cat conservationist Carole Baskin. Although it is a bit slow to start, after a couple episodes, you’re hooked. See the craziness Joe Exotic brings to the big cat world. If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check out Wynn McDonald’s story below about the docuseries.

Outlandish “Tiger King” Brings Much-Needed Diversion

2. “Ozark”

Featuring Jason Bateman, the show is about “a financial advisor drags his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where he must launder $500 million in five years to appease a drug boss,” according to Netflix. Right out of the gate, “Ozark” has you hooked when the whole family is involved with the dangerous scheme.

3. “Shooter”

This is a television series based off the 2007 film (with Mark Wahlberg) where Bob Lee Swagger, played by Ryan Phillippe, is a highly decorated ex-Marine sniper. Swagger “returns to action to foil an assassination plot targeting the president, but soon finds himself framed for murder,” according to Netflix. Once the assignation attempt case is solved, Swagger learns there is much more to the story and goes on the hunt to track down the one behind it all. “Shooter” had me hooked from the beginning and kept me on the edge of my seat every episode.

4. “The Ranch”

Ashton Kutcher stars as Colt Bennett in the Netflix original sitcom about a dysfunctional family living on a cattle ranch in Colorado. After being a pro-football player in Canada, Colt comes back home to help run the ranch. Netflix says: “They drink. They swear. They sometimes fight dirty. On the Bennett family ranch, it’s all about tough love.” The dad, Beau Bennett, makes the show. Played by Sam Elliot, Beau keeps the show lively with his short, witty comments.

5. “Spenser Confidential”

A Netflix original starring Mark Wahlberg who acts as an ex-police officer and ex-con who tries to get behind the reason he went to prison. “All he wants to do is leave town and start over. But first, he needs to deal with his ex, his new roomie and the enemies who want him dead,” according to Netflix. I liked that the movie had both action and comedy scenes.

6. “All American”

No. 7 in the U.S. today, “All American” is “can’t-miss” whether you love football or hate it. Netlfix says: “Culture clashes and brewing rivalries test a teen football player from South Los Angeles when he’s recruited to the Beverly Hills High School team.” Being a football fan, the series provides an aspect to the game not everyone gets a chance to see: care for one another.

7. “Triple Frontier”

For some action-packed hours, “Triple Frontier” will keep you on your toes. “They served their country. Now they’re scrambling to get by. A daring heist could net them millions – if they make it out alive,” according to Netflix. I liked that you could see how close these men are to one another, especially when things take a turn for the worse.

8. “Step Brothers”

A throwback from 2008, “Step Brothers” is the comedy that never gets old. Netflix says, “Brennan and Dale might be grown men, but that doesn’t stop a childish sibling rivalry from erupting after Brennan’s mom marries Dale’s dad.” Being a fan of Will Ferrell, I like how funny it is throughout and how the family works through the struggles of coming together as one.

9. “The Shawshank Redemption”

An emotional drama from 1994 starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins is a classic everyone (17 and older that is) should see. “Framed for murder, upstanding banked Andy Dufresne begins a new life at the Shawshank prison and gradually forms a close bond with older inmate Red,” Netflix says. I like the suspense “The Shawshank Redemption” gives. For a movie from 1994, it was very well put together. Some think “The Shawshank Redemption” should have won an Oscar for the year’s best movie (1994) if it hadn’t been for “Forrest Gump” coming out the same year.

10. “The Blacklist”

A thriller series from NBC features a “brilliant fugitive” who offers to help the FBI capture other criminals, but only if rookie agent Keen works with him. “The Blacklist” keeps you wondering who is the “good guy” and who isn’t throughout. After one episode, you will be begging for more.

What did I miss? Send in your recommendations to the team at Knights Media Network to be featured in a future story. Be sure to include a short description and why you like the show or movie. Recommendations can be emailed to or privately messaged on our social media.


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