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Intramural eSports

By Samantha Moore

Looking for ways to still be connected to your Bellarmine community members? For the first time ever, Bellarmine University presents intramural eSports leagues.

These leagues allow Bellarmine community members to challenge one another while practicing their social distancing.

“I joined for a way to stay in touch with other Bellarmine students over this crazy time with the coronavirus,” Bellarmine senior Austin Buettner said. “It’s also a nice way to meet new people and keep busy.”

Students select their console: Xbox or PlayStation. Within each league there are three divisions: Madden, FIFA and NBA2K.

There is no limit to how many leagues an individual can join. Participants are able to create a team in all six divisions if they wish.

Anyone in a division can challenge an individual to a game at any time. Students can search one another through their gamer tags to challenge one another.

“I like the open challenge system,” Buettner said. “You play games as you wish, meaning you have to challenge or be challenged to play games. There is no set schedule.”

The regular season will take place now until April 30.

There is rolling registration that allows gamers to start playing at any point during the season. There are also plans to extend the season through May and possibly until the end of the summer.

Any season extensions will be announcement via, Instagram, Stuff to Do at BU, and Bellarmine Today (the daily faculty & staff email).

“The idea is to be able to join at any time and play anyone they want,” said Cynthia Lally, Bellarmine’s assistant director of intramural and club sports. “We tried to make it as open as possible since students can do it on their own time, in the comfort of their own homes.”

The more an individual plays, the higher he or she will be in the division.

Whoever has won the most games at the conclusion of the leagues will earn prizes. The winner will receive a T-shirt and a championship ring.

“I really like how they have this available especially during all of this corona business,” Bellarmine junior Zach Pell said. “It gives students a chance to play video games that they love doing and actually have a chance at winning a prize for playing.”

There is also a PS4 NBA 2k20 tournament for which the winner will receive a $2,000 scholarship and second place will recieve $1,500.

Another unique aspect of these leagues is that incoming first-year students are able to participate as well.

“I have been working with enrollment management and now any incoming first-years enrolled in class can also participate,” Lally said.

Intramural eSports is now open to all current students, faculty and staff members. Sign up today at or download the app “BU Rec” (available on both Apple & Android).

“I joined because I love playing video games and it is what I do during my free time so I thought why not join?” Pell said. “I’m going to be playing video games anyways.”


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