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Day Cruise: The Greatest Musical Experience on the Planet

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

If you are looking for vibes, then Day Cruise is the band for you. This band plays music with no limitations, mixing genres and sound to create amazing melodies. Day Cruise started at Bellarmine with original members Lochlann Gallaher and Cody Hofmans. The band fully formed after Lochlann's recital when Lance Oliphant, Kendrick Beltran, Seth Willauer and Sam Butler joined the duo for a full ensemble. This opened up their musical capacity, allowing for free-form solos and live performances with a full-band sound.

From left to right, Cody Hofmans on rhythm guitar and vocals; Lochlann Gallaher on piano and lead vocals; Lance Oliphant on lead guitar; Kendrick Beltran on bass, saxophone and guitar; Seth Willauer on drum kit; and Sam Butler on trumpet (not present in the video).


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